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Stories for Kids ages 6 and up


The Way Back Home

29. März 2019, 16.15 bis 17 Uhr
Ort: Amerikanische Bibliothek

When a boy discovers a single-propeller airplane in his closet, he does what any young adventurer would do: He flies it into outer space! Millions of miles from Earth, the plane runs out of fuel and the boy executes a daring landing on the moon. Coinci­den­tally, engine trouble has stranded a young Martian on the other side of the moon, and he`s just as frightened and alone. Martian, Earthling - it´s all the same when you`re in need of a friend. Come and find out how our hero gets home before joining in with some inter­ga­lac­tic fun.
Please call ahead and reserve a place!

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Kanalweg 52 (Smiley Barracks), 76149 Karlsruhe

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Amerikanische Bibliothek

Telefon: 0721 - 72752
Anschrift: Kanalweg 52 (Smiley Barracks), 76149 Karlsruhe

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