Stories for Kids ages 6 and up!

English language storytime for kids - Today: "How Can You Lose an Elephant?"

23. Februar 2024, 16.30 bis 17.30 Uhr
Ort: Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe - Amerikanische Bibliothek


How Can You Lose an Elephant? by Jan Fearnley

Meet Oscar, a boy who loses everything — his football boots, his scooter, even his clothes. Now meet Hugo, an elephant who never forgets anything! When they find each other in the park they become inseparable. But one day, Oscar loses something very important — his temper — which means he might just lose his best friend as well. Come listen to our story but don’t forget to sign up!

Please sign up by sending an email to: or call 0721 7 27 52 to reserve a spot.

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